Elad Oren is AFPA Certified Sports Nutritionist, Fitness Instructor, and Personal Trainer

Over more than a decade working in physical fitness, he saw in an up close and personal way what most of us notice in our own lives: that some people deteriorate as they get older, while others thrive.

As a lifelong learner and knowledge seeker, he wanted to understand what set these two groups apart. Not satisfied with chalking it up to “good genes” or just plain good luck, he challenged the conventional wisdom that aging well is out of our control. Drawing on scientific research and his own professional experience, he discovered that staying healthy and vital into our later years isn’t just possible, it’s the natural outcome of a few simple habits and lifestyle choices.

The Truth About Anti-Aging Foods  sets out these simple concepts and dispels common myths and misconceptions about the health and wellness industry. His goal is to empower people through information, so they can join the ranks of those who radiate with vibrant good health well into their senior years and beyond.

About the Book:

The Truth About Anti Aging Foods: Eat Back the Years with the Best Foods to Fight Aging

Author Elad Oren shares what he’s learned in over a decade working as a sport nutritionist and personal trainer about how to navigate the aging process, gracefully and healthfully. This info-packed book covers a range of topics on how to age well, including which foods to enjoy and which to avoid; how inflammation, oxidation, and glycation impact aging; how nutrition can prevent and reverse damage on the cellular level; and much, much more. 

Presented in clear, easy-to-understand language that explains the science and helps you get on track to better health right away. With mouth-watering recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a fleet of craveable, good-for-you smoothies for every occasion. So you can look good, feel good, and truly enjoy everything life has to offer, at every age.

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